About us

Through the delivery of high quality films, workshops and exhibitions, Media Cultured strategically counter extremism and promote social cohesion.
Rather than simply ‘highlighting concerns’ or ‘the duties’ upon schools and public sector workers, Media Cultured provides ‘real world ‘ insight and support through provisions, education and training for both practitioners and pupils to allow participants to confidently challenge and resist extremist arguments through powerful ‘alternative narratives’.
Our work is essential for educators, equality, inclusion, cultural awareness and safeguarding programmes.

Media Cultured have developed extensive partnerships and collaborations across the public sector. We have delivered sessions to schools, police recruits and to national partners with the Premier League and the NSPCC. We have been instrumental in delivering #CHEE2019 in Manchester, a consortium project with I4GIVEH8, ACS, Manchester Metropolitan University and the Communities Coordinator for Manchester City Council.
Media Cultured has intrinsic and excellent relationships with local stakeholders such as the Police, Teesside University, and Middlesbrough Football Club.
We have worked in various ways with NSPCC, the Princes Trust and large health trusts.
We have delivered training, assemblies, workshops, lectures and events for Schools, Youth services, Colleges, Police recruits, Pupil Referral Units and Community Hubs.

Media Cultured have provided support to international partners, toured the USA and worked with international clients to deliver support around major sporting and cultural awareness events.