Good Sportsmanship

Media Cultured CIC provide sports industry focused education, training and events.

Our aim and passion is to promote social unity, cultural awareness, challenge racism and enhance the customer experience for sports fans.

Through community, safeguarding and equality programmes our "high impact" work has benefited thousands of participants since 2012. By strengthening links between clubs and communities, improving learning at all levels within clubs, and helping to make sport more accessible to underrepresented groups, our pioneering social enterprise has supported local clubs, professional clubs, and sports governance bodies.

Our grassroots and community minded approach extends to schools and corporate partners by utilising professional clubs centrality to their local communities, thus leaving a legacy in each area we have operated in.

Media Cultured is proud of their involvement in the following areas:

  • Employee and Corporate Partner training 'Equality and Extremism'.
  • Sponsored social unity workshops for local schools (via Football Clubs)
  • Charity Football Tournament (alongside local and national charities)
  • 'Match Day Experience' events and stadium tours.
  • An unprecedented ‘Mela At The Match’.
  • Establishment of Middlesbrough FC’s first ever BAME supporters club 'Boro Fusion'.
  • Consultants to the creation the Middlesbrough FC's first ever multi-faith prayer space.
  • Training hundreds of stewards in use of multi-faith prayer spaces and how to accommodate fans from all backgrounds on
    match days.
  • Supported lead educational and anti-racsim initiatives.
  • No Barriers’ - Film and project: ft Rudy Gestede.